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Wheel balance is commonly mistaken for wheel alignment, which relates to the angle of your wheels and their relation to the ground. Visit Wes Rogers Tire and Auto in Mt. Vernon, IL!

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Wheel balance is commonly mistaken for wheel alignment, which relates to the angle of your wheels 
and their relation to the ground. Wheel balance is about the distribution of weight around a revolving
tire and wheel assembly. Uneven wheel balance can have a noticeable effect on both your vehicle and 
your safety. Wheel balancing delivers a smooth ride and assures even tire wear by properly adjusting 
the wheel weight distribution around the vehicle. 

Symptoms wheel balancing is necessary:

  • Severe vibration from the steering wheel at certain speeds 
  • Floorboard vibration when at certain speeds 
  • Cupped wear pattern in tire treads 

Our specialists will:

  • Examine tread wear for signs of improper balance 
  • Mount wheels on a balancing machine 
  • Balance tires to eliminate or significantly reduce vibration 

If you are experiencing excessive vibration in your automobile’s handling, let our specialists provide you 
with our experienced wheel balancing services. We will correctly balance your tires and have you riding 
smoothly again in no time. Contact us today to set an appointment. 

Why is wheel balancing essential? 

Wheel balancing is for the most part vital in today’s vehicles, which are being created to be lighter 
weight. The heavier weight of older models essentially helped smooth out the ride by suppressing 
vibrations before they were felt. Modern tire design is another aspect that may lead to balance issues. 
Normally, more responsive tires with lower profiles are being used to respond to the demand for style 
and performance. The smallest imbalance can be felt in most modern vehicles. 

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