Wheel Alignment

Is your car pulling to one side? Could be an alignment problem. Have your wheel alignment checked at Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, IL.

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Commonly confused, both wheel alignment and tire balancing have a substantial impact on your tires. 
Wheel alignment and balancing problems will result in more wear and worse overall vehicle 

Wheel alignment essentially involves correcting the angle of the wheels to what is recommended by the 
automobile manufacturer. Alignment can also be called front end alignment or tire alignment. We have 
precision equipment to ensure proper tire alignment for your automobile. 

Indications of Poor Alignment:

  • Wheels do not point straight ahead, causing steering problems 
  • Vehicle pulls to one side 
  • Obvious uneven tread wear 
  • A recent accident or collision may affect alignment

Our expert mechanics will:

  • Examine tire tread wear for signs of misalignment 
  • Check the caster, camber, and toe measurements 
  • Perform essential wheel alignment adjustments 

To avoid steering issues and tire damage, proper wheel alignment should not be ignored. We will 
provide alignment assessment and make sure that you are back on course as soon as possible. Contact 
today to set an appointment. 

Why is wheel alignment essential? 

It is important to maintain the specifically set positions of the workings of your auto suspension system 
for maximum wheel and tire performance. Holes or bumps in the road will shake and hit your car out of 
alignment, resulting in steering uncertainty and a rough ride. Wheel alignment problems need to be 
addressed immediately to keep long term problems from emerging. Once you see indications of uneven 
wear on your tires, bring your automobile in to be examined for faulty wheel alignment. Precision wheel 
alignment service does not take long, and goes a long way toward preventing more complicated 
problems down the road. 

Remember that wheel alignment is an especially important consideration after collision damage. The 
impact can quickly knock your vehicle drastically out of alignment. When having repairs addressed, a 
wheel alignment may also be necessary to put your vehicle back on track. 

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