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The TPMS sensor battery is responsible for alerting a vehicle that the tire pressure is not properly inflated and should be approached with caution. Visit Wes Rogers Tire and Auto Inc. in Mt. Vernon, IL for a speedy evaluation! 

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The TPMS sensor battery can lose charge when it reaches a life span of eight to ten years or 100,000 miles estimated. TPMS sensor batteries are generally powered by 3-volt lithium ion batters, but some can also be found with 1.25 nickel metal hydride batteries.

Failed TPMS sensor batteries no longer provide the necessary protection for a vehicle and its passengers and are inoperable of detecting tire pressure dangers. Your car’s TPMS system is automated to transmit data at intervals and if the computer misses a few transmissions it will assume interference has occurred and will refrain from alarming the driver. If too many transmissions are missed, the TPMS icon will illuminate to alert the driver of a malfunction.

Depleted batteries cannot be exchanged; the entire sensor must be replaced. Wes Rogers Tire & Auto specializes in TPMS sensor batter replacement, ensuring you and your vehicle are safe on the road. Our technicians will check the TPMS’s sensor’s battery life if the sensor is equipped with that data output. The best time to replace the sensor is when having tires serviced and off the vehicle avoiding a TPMS warning light appearing while in traffic or on a trip. Check your state requirements as well to ensure the TPMS icon to be off in order to pass vehicle inspections.

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