Lawn & Garden Tires

Wes Rogers Tire & Auto knows Lawn and garden tires! We stock a wide variety of popular and durable garden tractor tires, mower tires, lawn mower tires, lawn tractor tires and turf tires. 

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Whether you’re looking for tires for a residential mower or a commercial one, we have what you need.  Lawn tires come in an extensive range of tread patterns, ply ratings, sizes and grades to help reduce turf damage or assist in maximum traction when you need it most on slippery surfaces.

Types of Lawn Tires include:

  • Sawtooth tires & stud tires
  • Turf tires
  • Straight rib tires & smooth tires
  • Lug traction tires
  • Special traction tires

For all your questions and needs regarding lawn and garden tires, please give us a call and let one of our trained tire technicians assist you. 

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