Fuel Injection Service

Allow Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, IL to help keep your fuel injection system operating its best with our professional fuel injection service! 

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The electronically controlled valves supplied with pressurized fuel from your vehicle’s fuel pump are 
knows has the fuel injectors. When the injector is engaged, a plunger opens the valve, allowing the 
pressurized fuel to be sprayed through a very small nozzle at the intake valves. 
The accumulation of miles on your vehicle cause dirt and carbon deposits form in the fuel injectors and 
fuel system, and also on the intake valves and in the combustion areas. Eventually this build-up will 
affect your vehicle’s performance. Fuel injection service should be performed on your vehicle every 
25,000 miles. 

Symptoms your vehicle may need fuel injection service:

  • Engine pinging 
  • Rough idle and poor performance 
  • Stalling or sputtering 
  • Decreased gas mileage 

Our expert technicians will:

  • Inject top quality fuel injection cleaner to remove accumulated deposits 

Keep your fuel injection system is operating at top performance with our professional fuel injection 
service. Contact us today to set an appointment. 

Why is fuel injection service necessary? 

After the engine is shut off, the engine is still very hot and deposits form. At this point, the water pump 
stops circulating coolant and the engine temperature continues to rise before it eventually cools off. The 
fuel left on the injector tip then bakes on. This can also happen with the intake valve and combustion
areas. If not removed, the baked on residue absorbs more fuel, and consequently more deposits. The 
more fuel those deposits hold, the less fuel gets to the engine. Another further problem is that as the 
deposits grow they block the flow of fuel. Fuel injection service keeps these problems from occurring 
and getting progressively worse. 

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