CV Boots & Axles

Regular inspection and maintenance of CV boots and axles will prevent problems and save you money.  Let Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, IL check your CV boots and axles.

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Front wheel drive car designs typically combine the transmission and front axle into a single unit or 
transaxle. The drive axle is a split axle with universal joints and a differential between the two half axles. 
The half axles connect to the wheel with a CV joint, which allows the wheel assembly to move freely 
vertically and to pivot during turns.

The protective rubber boots that cover the flexible ends of the drive axles are called CV boots. The 
accordion-like boot has a large end narrowing to a small end, giving it the look of a funnel. CV boots
attach to the axle with a metal band clamp on each end of the boot, which presses the CV boots against
the axle to keep them in place. Special grease contained within each boot lubricates the CV joint. CV 
boots prevent the grease from drying out and also keep dirt and grit from mixing with the grease. 
Contaminated grease forms an abrasive substance that can quickly damage the CV joint. 

Regular inspection and maintenance of the CV boots and axles can save you money. The components 
must be kept greased and free from grit and dirt. Even a small amount of contamination can damage or 
destroy your axle assembly. Watch for any sign of defect in the CV boot, such as leaks or breakage. 

If you need of service for issues with your vehicle's CV boots and axles, we are here to help! Contact us
today to set an appointment. 

Why is it so important to replace a damaged CV boot? 

It won’t take long for a cracked, leaking, or torn CV boot to compromise the CV joint itself, quickly 
compounding the cost of a repair. If you notice any unusual noise when turning or accelerating, such as 
clunking, the CV joints may already be compromised and the axle may need to be replaced. It is critical 
to bring your vehicle in for inspection at the first sign of an issue. Putting off a repair could result in 
more expense. 

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