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You can't afford downtime. Let Wes Rogers keep you running with quality commercial services.

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Wes Rogers Tire and Auto in Mt Vernon, IL will help keep your equipment running at its best with a complete line of commercial services and equipment including semi tires, fork lift tires, and industrial tires, including backhoe, skid steer tires, tubes and wheels. Our skilled technicians are also ready to diagnose and repair any mechanical problems you may be experiencing. Wes Rogers Tire and Auto is your dependable source for the necessary repairs and maintenance you need to keep your fleet running well.

Wes Rogers Tire and Auto is your one-stop auto and truck service headquarters – there when you need us with a complete line of quality tires, wheels, and automotive services.

Semi Tires

No matter what the size of your fleet, tires are likely your biggest expense after fuel. More importantly, the safety of your drivers depends on the condition and quality of your semi tires. We provide the services you need to keep your semi tires in peak condition. Wes Rogers Tire and Auto is also your source for an excellent selection of new semi tires, developed to deliver performance, durability, and safety.

Fork Lift Tires

Your productivity depends on the condition of your equipment. Your business cannot afford sidelined forklifts that should be at work on the floor. Let us take care of your forklift tire needs. Wes Rogers Tire and Auto will get you the quality forklift tires you need to avoid costly downtime, and to keep your operation safe and running at peak efficiency.

Industrial Tires

Wes Rogers Tire and Auto is proud to service the following commercial fleets:

  • Enterprise 
  • Voyager
  • Ari
  • LeasePlan
  • Map Wheels Inc. 
  • Wex

We serve all varieties of industrial tire needs, meeting the needs of a wide range of equipment. Wes Rogers Tire and Auto stocks all repair items, tubes, and valves, as well as a full selection of models and sizes.  To learn more about how Wes Rogers can help you meet your fleet needs with quality commercial services, contact us today!

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