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A vehicle’s engine contains many components operating together to make sure proper starting and operation of the vehicle. As time passes, components can wear down, causing lower performance and lower fuel efficiency. Auto service executed by skilled technicians will help maintain and prolong auto life. See why Mt. Vernon, IL depend on Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc.  for auto services and auto repairs! 

Signs your vehicle may need service:

  • Check Engine or Service Engine light stays on
  • Lower gas mileage
  • Engine knocking when accelerating
  • Rough or stalling running engine
  • After the ignition is turned off, engine keeps running
  • Loss in power

Our skilled technicians will:

  • Examine engine components
  • Replace filters
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Set timing and idle
  • Clean fuel system

If your automobile is showing signs of problems, we can help with a complete auto service inspection. Contact us today to set an appointment. Mt. Vernon, IL count on Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc. for speedy auto services and auto repairs! 

Wes Rogers Tire and Auto offers the following auto services and auto repairs:

What is important about preventative auto service?

In order for the combustion and power essential in moving an automobile initiated by the spark plug, clean air and gas needs to be pushed to the vehicle’s cylinders. Choked fuel injectors, filthy air, soiled fuel filters, and corroded spark plugs all help decrease an engine’s performance and gas efficiency. It is essential to have your air filter examined regularly, and to follow the manufacturer approved guide lines for replacing parts such as PCV valves, fuel filters, and spark plugs when they are no longer working properly.


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