Strange sounds have you wondering about your alternator? Wes Rogers Tire & Auto, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, IL can help.

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In order for your vehicle and it's many features to operate, electricity is required. The alternator 
functions as a kind of generator or charging system that provides this electricity. While some of the 
required energy is generated by the battery, the majority of the devices run on power from the 
alternator’s constant supply. The alternator is a mechanical system that is powered by the crankshaft of 
a gasoline powered engine. As the engine runs, the alternator has the ability to convert the motion from 
the crankshaft into electric current. This power enables the operation of the headlights, cooling fan,
windshield wipers, defogger, radio, and air conditioning. 

Our alternator service includes:

  • Testing the battery and charging system 
  • Replacement of parts as necessary per manufacturer specifications 
  • Retest system 

If your alternator is in need of service, we can help. Contact us today to set an appointment.

How do I know if my alternator going bad?

Excessive noise could be a warning sign that it is going bad. As the bearings within the alternator wear 
out, unusual and excessive noise is often heard when the hood is open. A rattling or spinning sound may 
also be heard in the area where the serpentine belt and alternator are located, indicating something is 

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